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posted by julika

news round up

This week, we're excited to introduce some very special 10:10ers to you, look back to a very successful zero-carbon-festival in Buenos Aires and wish we were in Denmark for a very special get-together being run by the 10:10 team over there. 

  • Ambientate and 10:10 Argentina successfully pulled off Argentina’s first ever zero-carbon festival last weekend - hats off! Over a hundred organisations participated in events which were attended by no less than 4000 people. A twelve-person dynamo, where the pedalling kept the music going on the stage, solar cookers to heat water for the country's famous brew mate, and a tree planting activity were just some of the activity combining carbon cutting with fun! Check out the event pictures and some press coverage.  

  • Meanwhile, over in Denmark, young climate change campaigners from across Europe are discussing the future of campaigning at a conference organised by 10:10 Denmark and PowerShift Europe. Keep an eye on #CPHPowerUp on Twitter to stay in touch with the latest news from the conference.
  • Heating accounts for a huge chunk of the UK's emissions, but the Carbon Trust's new tips will help organisations make serious savings. Mal compiled their top suggestions for you in this blog.
  • It's still 222 days to go, but we've already got our thinking caps on for this year's 10 October. Over in the Netherlands, the 10:10 team has partnered up with an organisation called Urgenda, who organises annual national sustainability days which in 2012, will be on 10/10. Check out the details here.

  • After a long drought, we're finally restocked with copies of the book 10:10ers Duncan and Mal wrote last year – The Rough Guide to Community Energy. We're giving them out for free thanks to some sponsorship from M&S.  Find out more and get your free copy here.
  • Last but not least, a big thanks across the blogosphere to Tegan Tallullah, AKA Earth Baby for a lovely blog about 10:10