10:10 inspires and supports people and organisations to cut their carbon emissions by 10% in a year.

Any individual, family, business or organisation can make the cuts - and by working together we can make a real difference.

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news round up

This week the girls of Bishop Challoner get to grips with saving energy in their school, we kick off the 10:10 festival season and get ready for the summer by learning all about low-carbon BBQing.

  • Check out this great video made by our friends at Otesha who facilitated an energy saving project at Bishop Challoner Girls' School. A classroom full of future campaign strategists explore both what they can do to reduce energy in their school and how to get other kids interested. 

  • New year resolutions? So very 'January'! We're loving the idea of 'mid-year resolutions'. The 10:10 team in Croatia created these great calendars to help kick start the second half of 2011. Just pick your wallpaper resolution and you are set for 12 months of low carbon life!
  • Last year we launched 10:10 festivals. The first two festivals to report their emissions have smashed their first 10:10 action year: the Isle of Wight festival reported savings of 22% thanks to boosting generators with biodiesel and solar arrays and Lovebox festival in London reduce their emissions from onsite energy use by a whopping 38%. The Guardian has all the details
  • If you're in Paris tonight, you can meet the 10:10 France crew at yet another 10:10 festival. Alter Eco kicks off at 7pm tonight
  • The continuous stream of inspiring stories coming in to 10:10's inboxes shows that cutting carbon really doesn't have to be difficult. One of our favourite examples this week is the Danish printing and graphic design company Vester Kopi. Relying mainly on hydropower for their energy supply, the team also opted to change their delivery service which now uses bike messengers for 60-70% of deliveries, saving them money and carbon.

10:10ers in Chile at last Sunday's celebration of World Environment Day

10:10ers Antonija Bilic and Luka Bilic visited the solar panel installation "A salute to the Sun" in Zadar and sent us this great pic