Seneste nyt fra 10:10

Extra Ordinary Meeting

10:10 Denmark will hold the next Extra Ordinary Meeting on September 23rd at Mødestedet, Ravnsborggade.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Introduction to the Summer Closure campaign

HOFOR (formerly known as Københavns Energi) and 10:10 Danmark together took the initiative in 2012 to initiate the campaign Sommer Closure which should put focus on the big potential of saving energy and CO2 by closing down the district heating system correctly during the summer. This year we are running the campaign once again.

It is estimated that more than half of the Danish households heated by district heating systems do not close down their district heating system for summer, or do it wrongly. If done correctly, both the heating bill and the CO2 emission can be avoided. That is why we initiate the Summer Closure campaign.


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Sluk for sommerventilen og cirkulationspumpen

For at sommerlukke skal du slukke for cirkulationspumpen til radiatoranlægget og lukke for anlæggets sommerventil. Du kan se, hvor disse er placeret på diagrammet herunder. Du skal dog være opmærksom på, at ikke alle fjernvarmeanlæg er opbygget på samme måde. Hvis du er i tvivl, kan du kontakte dit lokale forsyningsselskab eller VVS’er. De ved det. I forbindelse med kampagnen er det også muligt at ringe til EnergiTjenesten og gratis få svar på spørgsmål omkring lukning af dit fjernvarmeanlæg.

Tips for reducing CO2

Do you still remember the 10:10 Checklist? It lists things you can do to reduce your carbon foot print. If you have done everything on the list, you must be looking for other actions to further reduce your CO2 emission by 10% this year.

Sommerluk: get connected with other 10:10 hubs

10:10 Denmark reached out to the 10:10 global community and sought 10:10 hubs to join the Sommerluk Campaign. According to EuroHeat, countries with about 50% of the citizens who use district heating systems are:

  • Iceland (99%)
  • Estonia (53%)
  • Finland (49%)
  • Latvia (64%)
  • Lithuania (60%)
  • Poland (50%)

How to prepare your heating system for the summer

As the weather turns warmer, and you don’t feel that the heat from your radiators is needed anymore, you should turn off your heating system. For many people the 15th of May is the right time, while others find it more appropriate to wait until early June. Regardless the time there will be energy savings to obtain.

Turn off the circulation pump and the valve for the heat exchanger

Black Carbon

Picture Source: 马超上哪去了 / Beijing

What do Danes do to make sure that the air quality is good? What goes wrong with the air quality in China?

Part of the answer has to do with the treatment of black carbon. Black carbon forms through the imcomplete conbustion of fossil fuels, biofuels, and biomass. Denmark has strict legislation on the treatment of black carbon. Closely monitored systems ensure that plants or cars emit a limited amount of black carbon into the air.

The situation is, unfortunately, not the same in China, where such extreme measures as temporary forced closing of factories were implemented during the Olympic Games in 2008.

Warming the globe

According to the US EPA, black carbon exists in the atmosphere in the form of fine particular matters (PM2.5). Because of its mass and color, black carbon is highly efficient in absorbing solar energy. That is to say, it is highly efficient in warming our globe.

10:10 Denmark working together with 10:10 China

As you may know, China has one of the strictest set of environmental laws in the world, but enforcement is lacking. Pollution, especially air pollution, not only affects normal Chinese people's well being, but also damages the ecosystem. As an NGO, we really want to do something!

Ekstraordinær generalforsamling og ordinær general forsamling

Foto: Pamela Juhl, stiftende generalforsamling 2010

Smog in China

Picture source: 因为妳不了解 / Beijing

Article by Lu Zhang and Christine Yang

The smog in China's main cities has attracted the world’s attention again. Residents of Beijing and Shanghai, the two biggest cities in China, are warned by Chinese official media to reduce outdoor activities due to the smog. During some days when the air quality was extremely poor, the government recommended that children, the elderly and people sensitive to poor air quality should remain indoors.