posted by Echo Li

for reducing CO2

How does it go with the CO2 reduction with our 10:10ers? Here are some more tips for you.

Do you still remember the 10:10 Checklist? It lists things you can do to reduce your carbon foot print. If you have done everything on the list, you must be looking for other actions to further reduce your CO2 emission by 10% this year.

Here are some tips.

  1. Join Sommerluk and save energy in the district heating system during summer time.
  2. Replace face to face meeting with Webex. Hosting a meeting via Webex saves you time, money, and CO2. Some companies even set Webex targets for each individual employees. The company also donates some money to Green NGOs if the employees uses Webex. (By the way, Webex is a especially useful tool if you want to present something to your Asian colleagues and you want their feedback. Asians are sometimes shy and not confortable of giving their opinions in front of you. Maybe they are not confident with their spoken English. Through Webex, the distance makes Asians more confortable, and the communication system in written makes them more willing to express their ideas.)
  3. Take your training online. Why flying all the way to another continent to take a course while you can have the courses online? There are more and more online courses, some of them are even free. Check out, you might be able to find courses that you are interested given by renowned universities all around the world.

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