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The IPCC's report on the impacts of climate change: a summary for everyone

Today an international group of hundreds of  climate scientists released a report on how climate change will affect the world, and what might be done to adapt to it.

Back Balcombe - the story so far

Britain's first 'fracking village' wants to quit fossil fuels. Let's help them out!

The kids of REPOWERBalcombe, with Angel, the official mascot

Last year, Balcombe got famous for all the wrong reasons. 

Targeted to be first in a new wave of oil and gas drilling, the sleepy Sussex village found itself hosting riot police, protesters and tv crews.

This year will be different.

LED lighting at home: your questions answered

LED lights have come a long way from their humble origins as power indicators and lab curiosities.

These days they're now lighting up major landmarks, and even whole cities

LED power indicator from 1994, next to Belfast City Hall's rainbow LED lightshow

But what about homes? With so many options and massive differences in quality and price, this can be confusing territory.

So we enlisted LED expert Simon Brammer to answer your questions. By day a programme manager at sustainable energy charity Ashden, Simon successfully LED-ified his home and has been advising friends and family on the subject ever since. 

Over to you, Simon!

10:10 vs flooding

Someone had to say it.

On Monday, the chief scientist from the Met Office confirmed what lots of people suspected: "all the evidence suggests" that the storms and flooding we've seen across the UK are linked to climate change.

Normally, we like to focus on the practical stuff - the things you can say 'yes' to, and the carbon cutting progress being made all over the world.

We know from talking to you that taking action feels good. It's satisfying to solve a problem or cement a good habit, but that also means it's easy to lose sight of the big picture.

But when the reality of climate change starts coming up through the floorboards, it's worth pausing to remember why we do this, and why it's so important.

For all you crazy dreamers who think carbon tax should be spent on cutting carbon

Goal: warm the bottom bit without warming the top bit.

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for the Energy Bill Revolution!

Ok, it's less incendiary than it sounds – more selfies in scarves than manning the barricades.

But the EBR campaign is tackling a serious problem, and they're not afraid to think big.

Britain's houses are some of the least insulated in Europe, which means we waste loads of energy heating the air outside. If you're rich, that's pretty annoying – you get a giant carbon footprint and nothing to show for it.

But if you're poor, it can be deadly. When people are having to chooose between heating and eating, you know there's got to be a better way.

We're quizzing an LED lighting expert - what should we ask him?

LED lights have come a long way.

From their humble origins as power indicators and lab curiosities, they're now lighting up homes, major landmarks, and even whole cities, bringing massive energy savings into the bargain.

LED power indicator from 1994, next to Belfast City Hall's rainbow LED lightshow

Progress, ladies and gentlemen!

This is a technology whose time has come, but making the switch at home isn't always that straightforward. With so many options, a new way of measuring brightness and massive differences in quality and price, this can be confusing territory.

So we've enlisted LED expert Simon Brammer to answer your questions. A programme manager at Ashden by day, Simon successfully LEDified his home a while back, and has been advising friends and family on the subject ever since.

There's three ways to ask a question:

We'll publish all the questions and answers here in the next couple of weeks – watch this space!

How can I organise my fridge to cut food waste?

These are the highlights from a discussion on the StackExchange sustainable living forum.

Triage boxes

  • Don't buy food once in two weeks for the whole fortnight, instead go shopping more often and buy food for several days in smaller quantities (that doesn't have anything to do with products that don't get expired like salt, sugar,porridge etc, here you better stock up).
  • Create yourself a draft week menu and plan what you are going to cook during the next two days; this helps avoid buying food that you won't eat at all.
  • Put a note with your current ideas of what to cook on the fridge.
  • Browse the net for interesting recipes that require some of your soon-to-be-expired ingredients, write them down/print them and put on your kitchen desk/table/fridge/wherever you will see them often.

- petajamaja


Hiring: head of projects

Upstairs at the 10:10 office

Hours Full time   Duration 1 year contract   Money £38.5K - £43.5k   Location Camden Town


Hi, we’re 10:10.

We bring people together to do positive, practical stuff that helps solve climate change.

You’re a brilliant project manager who wants to use your powers to make the world a better place. We should talk!

About the role

10:10 is looking for a head of projects to oversee our existing projects, and  lead the development of some new ones, with a particular focus on  community renewable energy.

10 ways to step up your carbon cuts this year

Join the LED revolution

Philips SlimStyle LED lightbulb

These ultra low-carbon lights have really come of age in the last year or so. With dozens of new models on the market and prices coming down all the time, now's a good time to start making the switch. Need help? Check out our Q&A with LED expert Simon Brammer.

I'll do it



Get the people in power on the case

We're doing our bit - let's get them to do theirs!

You're doing good stuff at home – make sure the people in power are on the case too. Meet your MP, write to your local newspaper, vote for – or better still, campaign for – candidates whoget it.

I'll do it

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