posted by Erika Helms

news roundup: the end of 2012

There have been some great events in November, and tips and holiday items in December. Also, check out our year-end highlights of 2012, listing the best things we did together in 2012! 

  • The holiday card maker is available again this year on our website, just in case you still have some new year greetings to send out! Also, you can give the gift of a solar panel for one of 10:10 UK's participating Solar Schools!
  • 10:10 Netherlands posted a holiday tip on NL’s website – if your party is doing ‘Secret Santas,’ how about saying no to newly-purchased gifts, instead insist that everyone bring something from their own home … it’s re-using, re-gifting, whatever you want to call it!

  • 10:10 Denmark, together with Rethink Business and Aarhus Sustainability Network, has been running a campaign about the Circular Economy Revolution, explained here in English. Volunteers were out on the streets in Copenhagen and Aarhus, the two largest cities in Denmark, on November 20, Circular Economy Day, to explain to people the concept of the Circular Economy. Although it was a cold and windy weekday, they managed to catch people’s attention by wearing green suits and holding eye-catching posters.
  • 10:10 partners Energy Express are launching a small scale study and trial programme to do energy-saving retrofits on 30 houses in 2013 in one district of Barcelona, and are in discussions with the vice-mayor to develop a large-scale trial programme across the city.

  • 10:10 Bangladesh joined the "Bijoy Mela" fair organised by the BIT Alumni Association in Dhaka, displaying handmade items like lamps, necklaces, coloured potteries, and recycled items like flower vases, mirrors, etc.
  • 10:10 Argentina, partner organization Ambientate organised a second fabulous zero carbon festival on November 24 - 25, including music, art, sustainable food, and workshops.
  • 10:10 Mexico have planned an event in January around the township of Salamanca in Guanajuato signing a 10:10 pledge. Watch this space for further developments!
  • 10:10 in Brighton and Hove teamed up with Communities Matter and other organisations to host Energy Cafés on two saturdays in November. The events offered loads of advice and take-home materials to start saving energy in the home straight away!