10:10 People

Everyone's at it

Here's the plan: We all cut our carbon by 10% this year. You, me, your work, your school, your sports club … everyone.

Over 100,000 people are already on board. Why not join them today?



Quick questions

What does it mean to sign up?

You pledge to cut your emissions by 10% in a year. Don't worry if it sounds difficult – we'll help you every step of the way with tips, case studies and other resources.

Does it require a major change in your lifestyle?

For most people, 10% is fairly easy. Unless you've already done a lot to reduce your emissions, things like insulating your loft, flying less and staying longer, or changing your lightbulbs should do the trick.

Will doing this actually make a difference?

10:10 makes our individual efforts meaningful by ensuring that lots of people and organisations unite behind a single pledge. This ensures that we're not only cutting emissions directly but also showing politicians that we're ready to tackle climate change right now. You can boost your impact yet further by encouraging your friends, workplace, clubs or schools to sign up to 10:10. Our Share page has all the resources you need to get the word out.

Why 10% a year?

Big tasks are easier if broken up into smaller, manageable pieces – and 10% this year is much more tangible and achievable than, say, 80% by 2050. Furthermore, 10% in a year starting now is the kind of target that will give us the best chance of a safe future for our children and grandchildren. Cutting our carbon by 10% a year, starting now is just the first step, of course, but it puts us on the right track.

Who’s signed up so far?

  • More than 100,000 people including Sienna Miller, Nick Stern, Delia Smith, Sara Cox, Vivienne Westwood and Colin Firth
  • More than 2,500 businesses including Microsoft, O2, Adidas and Tottenham Hotspur FC
  • More than 1,600 schools, colleges and universities
  • More than 1,500 organisations including charities, the National Union of Students, the Womens' Institute and 193 local councils representing over 26m people