Get help cutting carbon

With everyone from politicians to plumbers signed up, we'll all take a slightly different route to our 10% target. Use these resources to find one that works for you.

Check out the international resources page for all the available resources from 10:10 global in many languages from our hubs around the world.


Calculate your carbon emissions

What are the most carbon-intensive activities in your day to day life?  How does your overall carbon footprint compare to other people - in the UK, the US, China or Bangladesh?  What does a 10% cut really look like?

Our quick and easy carbon footprint calculator should help you find out. 


10:10 checklist










A very rough guide to doing 10% in a year.

Download checklists in multiple languages from our international resources page  


Case studies

See how some of our UK signups are doing their 10%


Monthly themes


These in-depth guides to carbon cutting are from the UK campaign, but much of the advice will be useful outside of the UK too. New installments every four weeks or so.